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The Truth About Vegan Sprinkles

The Truth About Vegan Sprinkles

Of all the classic sweet food staples, sprinkles don't seem like they need a vegan upgrade (especially when you're already spending precious time trying to track down a decent vegan ice cream)

But there *is* such a thing as vegan and 'non-vegan' sprinkles, and you are gonna be so grossed out when you find out why!

So...traditional sprinkles are made of sugar, cornstarch, dyes and topped with a shiny coating of... BUGS!!! Yup, that sheen on most sprinkles, usually called shellac or Confectioner's Glaze, is made from the ugh...secretions...of the lac beetle...

shellac, lac beetle, confectioner's glaze

(What in the Snowpiercer?)


Vegan sprinkles are finished with edible waxes, like carnauba! While it can be harder to find different shapes, and sizes of plant-based sprinkles, we'd eat plain ol' rainbow jimmies (those oblong oval ones) for the rest of our lives as long as they were vegan & bug free!

All this talk of sprinkles making you think about confetti cookies? We've got you covered:

Confetti Cookies

COMING SOON: Vegan Jimmies Sprinkle Shaker


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